SubversiveBytes is a blog that shares my thoughts and comments on software development and information security. They are meant to be factual, humorous and maybe at times controversial. This being said, most posts will have a slight sardonic tone which I hope many find entertaining.

I am a software engineer who loves his work and is a Linux head, Gentoo Linux head to be exact. All posts I make will usually be something that is interesting and that I may encounter in my daily activities. My career is in software development and I’ve been in the industry since 2005 working in Banks, Telecom Businesses, Educational Services and large multinational financial information services conglomerate. I also run and maintain an opensource project on Source Forge and enjoy contributing to any Java related projects. I have a keen interest in security and believe it plays an integral role in how we develop software. I do believe that as programmers we are represented by the code we write so writing secure code is… well good.

I’ve also had my hands on creating systems and servers and clustering them. Of course OS of choice was Gentoo but at times if I want things done quickly I go for Debian. I always enjoy learning new technologies and new ways of solving problems. Computers are deterministic machines so there shouldn’t be an problem that can’t be solved, right ? 🙂

I am open to suggestions on how to improve my blog and if any readers have suggestions on topics, it is more than welcome.


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