WhatsHacked, WhatsCracked, WhatsSucks? WhatsApp

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Unbelievable update here for WhatsApp. Our good friends at H-Online have uncovered the complete insecurity of WhatsApp (or as they claim "Almost Completely")

Blog posts by fileperms and Geeknizer have just about ripped WhatsApp to pieces and demonstrated that once an account is hijacked you basically have lost control of your WhatsApp account. Even suggests to switch to a different device!

This WhatsApp issue has been causing a cluster of blog posts all reporting the same issue and linking to each other šŸ™‚ Nice. So for more details check the hyperlinks above and our own!

**** UPDATE ****
On September 20th, 2012 WhatsApp has issued an update (at least on Android) and no mention that they fixed or mitigated the security vulnerabilities. They just state "many many bug fixes and improvements" which could mean anything. Awaiting the hackers to reverse engineer the new update to see what has been done.

**** UPDATE ****
H-Online reports that WhatsApp is still broken and a security risk to all. They suggest un-installing it to be safe. WhatsApp has folded their genitalia neatly and tidied their testicles in the closet and began threatening lawsuits against developers of WhatsAPP APIs such as WhatsAPI. Suing developers of opensource APIs will not make WhatsApp more secure. A hack is a hack and someone will take advantage of it to screw you out of your privacy because all WhatsApp can do is sue someone else who made an API to access the service.

I say again, WhatSucks? WhatsApp.

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