Eclipse Tooltip Issue with Ubuntu

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First off I want to say that I really hate Ubuntu. You install Eclipse on Ubuntu 12.04 and load it up to do some coding and only to be faced with the most annoying problem: black tooltip background. Sounds stupid? yes, as stupid as the distro is. This is the only distro I encountered that presents this problem with eclipse.

Either way, solving it was not as easy as installing Ubuntu! You have to go to the directory that holds the ubuntu themes, in my case it was “/usr/share/themes/Radiance” and edit the gtk-2.0 and gtk-3.0 css settings files and reset the background color of tooltip to #F5F5B5.

Someone was so nice as to post how to do this here

This got me on my way to putting my eye balls back in the sockets when I debug code. I still feel that Ubuntu, while easy to install is annoying to modify.

……….. Gentoo Rules!

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